Salt City / $6

Gray Goose / $8

Deep Eddy Lemon / $6

Ketal One Botanical

Cucumber Mint / $6



Crown Royal /$7

Jameson / $7

Pendleton Midnight / $8

High West American Prairie/ $8



Bombay Sapphire / $6

Beehive Jack Rabbit / $7


Espolon Blanco /$7

Espolon Reposado /$7


Bacardi Superior /$6

Kraken Black Spiced / $6


Dewars Special Reserve 12 year /$8

Talisker Storm /$10

Glenfiddich Reserve 15 year /$14


Bailey’s Irish Cream/ $6

Grand Marnier /$8



Dirty Goose / $10

Grey Goose Vodka, splash of olive juice, garnished with queen olives


Manhattan / $10

Pendleton Midnight Whiskey, sweet vermouth, angostura bitters, garnished with a maraschino cherry


New York Sour / $10

High West American Prairie Bourbon, homemade lemonade & red wine float


Classic Cosmo / $9

Salt City Vodka, triple sec, cranberry, fresh lime juice, garnished with a lime twist


Lemon Drop / $9

Deep Eddy Lemon Vodka, triple sec, homemade lemonade served in a sugar rimmed glass garnished with a lemon twist


Ultimate Margarita / $12

Espolon Blanco or Reposado Tequilla, Grand Marnier, triple sec, sweet & sour, fresh lime juice served in a salt rimmed glass


Re-Fresh / $9

Ketal One Botanical Cucumber Mint Vodka, fresh lime juice, mint leaves & sparkling water


Old Fashion / $10

High West American Prairie Bourbon, sugar in the raw, angostura bitters, muddled lemon peel served with a lemon twist


Terri Collins /$9

Beehive Jack Rabbit Gin, homemade lemonade, splash of club soda, garnished with maraschino cherry

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