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Indoor hydroponics gardens are delicate with many key elements to master before success is reached. First, we needed to dial in the space in which we were going to grow. The key variables at play when turning a basement into a garden are temperature, humidity levels and air circulation. We have started small in order to dial in these variables before expanding into a much larger space. Once the conditions in our grow space ready we were underway to master the art of hydroponics. Producing food grown hydroponically is much like mastering the perfect dish in the kitchen. Experimenting with different nutrient levels, grow mediums, lights, ph levels and more to grow a delicious piece of produce. As we perfect the art of growing we aim to produce an optimal amount of multiple fruits and vegetables in our 3000 sq. ft. basement. By optimal we mean enough for the restaurant to serve a packed house with more to be donated to local food banks or schools.

Andrea Dulle


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